U-CERT is an international organisation for the certification of the user-friendliness of (mobile) websites and apps. Certification is carried out via expert reviews, based on a database of over 250 requirements compiled on the basis of permanent research.

How does it work?

  1. 1. Mission

    Commissioning can be done in two ways, directly or through a U-CERT partner.

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  2. 2. Testing

    U-CERT will start the test after receiving a written approval (via e-mail) by the website owner or the U-CERT partner.

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  3. 3. Output

    The website owner receives a report and a U-CERT certification label.

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Why is web usability so important?

There is an incredible amount of competition on the Internet between websites offering the same products and services. Through the U-CERT label, you are offering users the certainty in advance that your website or app is easy to use, and they are more likely to choose your website or app than that of the competition. Read more about why web usability is important.

DIY usability guidelines

About U-CERT

U-CERT is a usability certification institute for the usability of websites, mobile websites and apps, founded in 2014 by CUO (Centre for User Experience Research). CUO is a research group within the Institute for Media Studies (IMS) of the Faculty of Social Sciences at the KU Leuven, and is part of iMinds.